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Notes From Her

Notes From Her is a podcast encompassing unique conversations on music, social issues, news, faith, culture and women empowerment through the MOC’s perspective. MOC’s stands for “Musicians of Color,” a term originally coined by host and creator Xochitl Hernandez.

Xochitl sits down to interview women of color singers, instrumentalists, composers, conductors, performers, and leaders in the industry both classical and non-classical. The purpose is to provide a platform for these women to amplify their stories, which are otherwise marginalized narratives,  speak on social issues like gender and ethnic disparity in the music industry, as well as give tips and advice for listeners resonating with this career field. Tune in every Monday to hear powerful stories and advice from Notes From Her’s great MOCs.

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Start by listening to some episodes:

  • Shaniee Kennedy’s Testimony and What It Means to Walk By Faith (Part 3)
  • Shaniee Kennedy On Being a Black Artist/Educator, Disparities in Arts Accessibility, & the Importance of Accessible Music Education + Factual Benefits of Music on All-Around Health and Success! (Part 2)
  • All About Music Educator Shaniee Kennedy and Finding Ways to Serve the Community Through Arts Advocacy For All (Part 1)
  • Ixya Herrera on Mexican Music & Using It To Globally Unify, Surpass Barriers, Embrace Cultural Roots, & Reclaim Indigeneity (Part 3)
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