BIWOC Musicians and MOCs

What do you get when you mix women of color with music?


BIWOC stands for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color and MOCs stands for musicians of color, and there is still quite a disparity of them in both the classical/opera and non-classical music industry.

For more statistics proving this, CLICK HERE.

That’s where Notes From Her comes in! Notes From Her was created by Xochitl Hernandez to interview BIWOC musicians (MOCs) to share their stories as women of color in the classical and non-classical music industry. These interviews shed light on both classical and non-classical music, culture, storytelling, faith, career advice, social issues, intersectional feminism, and more, all through the MOC’s perspective!

Take note of all the advice, information, and inspiration these women give! These aren’t just musical notes and this isn’t just history, these are notes from HERstory.

Know of an BIWOC musician who should be featured on Notes From Her? Click here!

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