COVID Self-Isolation Edition

Stuck in your house during this COVID pandemic? Lacking motivation or inspiration? Don’t let COVID self-isolation orders bring you down!

Notes From Her’s Season 2:Self-Isolation Edition, includes episodes that will give you the smile, entertainment, and inspiration you need!

It is no doubt that the music, opera and performing arts industry has been tragically affected by this virus as theaters, opera houses, and concerts close down worldwide leaving musicians and artists scrambling to survive as their livelihood is affected and their shows are canceled.

However, COVID will not stop the music! This series includes interviewing BIWOC musicians who share their unique stories and tips of how they are practicing their craft as musicians and educators.

For more on how COVID is affecting the classical music and performing arts industry and how Notes From Her‘s MOC Mercedes Musotto is making music despite the pandemic click here for this story on NPR Next Generation Radio.

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